Unique Features of Canadian Roofs

Majority of the homeowners in Canada underestimate the quality of roof. For those who are thinking about reconstruction, they should never forget that the more amount of money they invest in their house, the better they will want to protect it. There is always a need to consider wind, snow, rain, and everything that can destroy the masterpieces in just a matter of hours. As much as possible, put all the efforts when it comes to finding the most suitable roof for your own house.

Here are some of the most common types of roofs in Canada and its unique features.


This is oftentimes referred to as ‘mono-pitched’ or ‘lean to’ that only contains one pitch. Many would think of it as a flat roof, which has been slightly tilted. This is commonly used on just a portion of a home and usually combined with some other roof forms in order to create a home with more interesting rooflines.


This roof is used where the climate is arid. This is a very popular roof type most especially for commercial spaces and warehouses, residential structures, and office buildings.


This type of roof mainly combines both shed roof and gable roof. It usually contains much higher gable roof sitting atop a short wall with shred roof below. This type of roof lets for windows to be positioned right within a short wall for light within the large space’s interior.


This roof has two slopes that primarily form a triangle or ‘A’. This is very common especially on the North American homes. It contains roof pitches, which are shallow to ones that are very steep. Aside from that, gable roofs can be positioned together at perpendicular angles, thus covering a home with so many wings.


This is a type of gable roof having two slopes located on each side where the upper being less steep than the lower part. This type of roof is very common in the barn designs.


This roof mainly starts with a gable shape, yet has a slope at the end rather than a vertical wall. Hipped roof slopes upward from the structure’s four sides with no vertical ends. This is very common in residential designs.


This roof takes a shape of a pyramid and is usually on a small portion of the house or even on the small structures such as pool house or garage.


This is a hipped gambrel roof having two slopes on each side. This type of roof provides an extra space in the attic or other rooms without the need to build a whole additional floor.

The criteria used to build a roof will vary of course from one Canadia city to another. For example in Lethbridge, AB you will want a roof that is very resistant to winds as local roofing companies suggest or if you are in New Foundland and Labrador you would want to consider more issues such as humidity ( see Aspec )

The above mentioned are some of the basic roof types of residential construction. In order to design a visually appealing house, few different types of roofs can be used together or same forms can be used in many different ways. This will definitely create a home that responds uniquely to both exterior individualities as well as interior function and a home where you can relax and enjoy.